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About This Project

Communication Objectives

  • Raise the awareness of mothers and care givers of key issues surrounding health and ECCD
  • Help and motivate mothers to adopt healthy habits:
  • What are the key pillars for Health and ECCD
  • How they can care for their children (0-5 years) and for themselves while pregnant
  • Why they should adopt these healthy habits [show damage and harm that could happen if child is neglected (Loss Aversion Motives), and the great results for the children who get good care (Gain Seeker’s Motives)]
Horizon Approach

Earning Trust:

  • Trust is the key to effective communication
  • To establish trust, the videos will use the character of an experienced lady, who is successfully raising happy and health children and who is keen to help her young neighbor mother for the first time
  • Always gives quotes from her medical doctor in support of her advice
  • Tells stories from her own experience or from mothers she directly observed, to know DOs and DONTs.

  • Client: Save The Children
  • Date: 2016

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