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We developed web portals to our industrial clients that help them in displaying their information in diverse sources in a uniform way. We created many websites for several clients: Alliance for Arab Women, El- Gawhara, Fahem and others.

Alliance for Arab Women (2012)

Client name: Alliance for Arab Women
Horizon Interactive Studios created a web portal for Alliance for Arab Women in Cairo including gallery for their videos and photos, update for their news and their projects and events.

Gemma (2009)

Client name: El- Gemma Ceramic
We developed the website of El- Gemma Ceramic. We make it easy for user to be updated with the most recent exhibitions and galleries and to download the new collection catalogues besides an interactive map for Gemma's contributions. Thanks to our programmers, Gemma's customers can calculate how their needs of ceramic according to the size they want at the website.

Road Safety (2006)

Client name: Road Safety Society
Don't just be annoyed from the road and the traffic violations. Take actions. Horizon Interactive Studios developed a web site showing the safe and sound instructions for the road. This portal was created to raise the awareness of road safety not only for the drivers but also for the cyclist and pedestrians. The awareness campaign was launched through articles, flash simulations, online applications and videos.

Noreed (2011)

Noreed is a website aiming to raise the awareness among citizens and to increase their civic engagement through an integrated campaign. This integrated campaign is represented in forms of videos, Radio & TV awareness advertisements, articles, news, road shows, political & economic dictionary and competitions. Besides, Noreed's website is considered to be an electronic platform that allows youth to express openly their ideas and publish their opinions on.

Green Valley School (2013)

Client name: Green Valley School
Green Valley School website is an introductory web portal. GVS website provide the visitors with all the information they need about the school whether they are part of the existing family, planning on becoming one or just curious about the school offers. The website includes e-learning courses and the formal programs presented in the school in an easy and interesting way.

Fahem (2011)

Client name: Fahem
Fahem is a website upon the name of an alliance for 5 companies concerned with computer. This portal presents all the products of the five companies with their prices and show services for each product.
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