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My Ambitions Program for Youth

For the first time in Egypt, Formal Educational Program teaching Life Balance
The true success of the educational process is manifested in its capacity to properly prepare children to grow into successful and happy individuals, useful to their society rather than just focusing on reading, mathematics and science.

In this respect, Horizon Interactive Studios (HIS) developed, in cooperation with Save the Children international organization, formal education programs balanced between knowledge and practical skills.

We strive to ensure these curricula are simple and entertaining for both children and teachers by using interactive methods, stories and entertaining games where children can be self-educated through enjoyable activities and interesting drama to boost their interest and bring an air of happiness and fun to the learning process. We were also keen to address the children in a language inspired by the community, in which they were raised, leaving much freedom to the teachers in adding and modifying what they see appropriate to attain the educational objectives in the best and most suitable ways.

For the First time in Egypt, we present a curriculum about how to make balance in your life; emotionally and mentally, spiritually and physically, professionally and personally.

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